Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Freshly Picked Strawberries(:

My First && Second Freshly Picked Strawberry I Picked On 4-23-11(: I Picked It Off The Stem, Took Them Inside, Washed Them Off And I Tasted Pure Deliciousness(: And This All Comes From My First Strawberry Plant!(:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Many Things About Samantha

  1. I Like All Kinds Of Hats(:
  2. I Wear Braces(:
  3. I'm In The 7th Grade(:
  4. My Favorite Color Is Green(:
  5. I Stand 5 Foot 9 Inches(:
  6. I Have A Short Friend Named Kayla Maynor(:
  7. My Hair Is Three Different Colors(:
  8. I LOVE My Dog(:
  9. Im Not Really A Hipie(:
  10. I Have Big Feet(:
  11. I Wear Glasses(:
  12. I Play The Piano Very Well(:
  13. I Don't Have Much Patience(:
  14. I Dont Have A Favorite Movie I Usually Just Like Whatever(:
  15. I LOVE Music!(:
  16. I Have A Good Loving Family(:
  17. I Have Two Older Siblings(:
  18. I Like To Eat, Sleep, And Be Lazy(:
  19. Sometimes I Like To Go Outside To Ride My Bike OR Go On A Walk(:
  20. I'm Really Randomm(:
  21. I Have A HUGE Group Of Friends That Think Im Funny And They Love Me(:
  22. I'm Using Rainbow Colors(:
  23. I Like To Flirt(:
  24. I'm A Band Nerd(:
  25. I Play Violin(:
  26. I Like Chips(:
  27. I like The Outdoors(:
  28. I Love My Dad(:
  29. I Love My Mom(:
  30. AND..... I Love You =D

Thursday, April 7, 2011